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Phone: +48 602 505 548
Email: kasia@ksiezopolska.com

Kasia Fryza

illustrator // graphic designer

Why I love what I do

I started illustrating just like that, because I like it. My works were slowly coming out of the drawer and it turned out that there were some people who liked them.

I am trying to search for something new all the time, I don’t want to stick to one thing. I play with graphics and illustration, I experiment, as I don’t want to wake up one day not knowing what to do next. I do a lot of observing, I search for inspiration in everything that surrounds me and in all that is hidden inside me. I make use of my emotions: sadness, joy and anger. I love it!

A little bit about me

I was born in Warsaw and all of my closest relatives come from here. I don’t come from an artistic family, but my family have certainly had a huge impact on what I am doing right now. I have always been surrounded by pictures, papers, clay, gypsum, pencils, paints and fine-tip felt pens. I’ve always had many hobbies; I discovered each of them thanks to my parents. I started by attending a visual arts high school in Warsaw, then I graduated from Academy of Art in Łódź with a diploma of Product Design Studio. Later, everything went on very ordinarily. At first I worked in one advertising agency, then I moved to another one. I was not feeling happy, so I decided to change something. I understood that I should dedicate my life to illustration, which I’d always wanted to do; I wasn’t acting on a whim. I deprived myself of material pleasures by choosing the spiritual and artistic fulfillment. I think it’s just the beginning of a long journey, but I’m surely heading in a right direction which gives me huge satisfaction.